Tips to Grow a Healthy and Attractive Beard

Beard makes guys hotter – this is a fact that is supported by science. In one research that has been completed by Official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, it is true that facial hair has an impact on women, although the extent of its appeal will highly depend on the specific beard styles. In the study, men without beards are rated as the least attractive. With such findings, you have a good reason to have a beard now. Nonetheless, it is also important to keep in mind that having a beard alone would not suffice. At the end of the day, you have to put an emphasis on healthy beard growth. With such, keep in mind the things that will be mentioned below.


Let your Beard Grow 

One of the most important things that you should do is to let your beard grow wild, probably for a period of at least a month. Regardless of how tempting it is to trim your beard within the first few weeks, refrain from doing so. After a month or once it has grown fuller, this is the perfect time for you to style it the way you want. Just trim it regularly, but do not style it fully unless the right length and volume has been achieved. Go over different beard styles and choose which one is perfect for the shape of your face.


Start from Having a Healthy Skin 

Many men ignore the importance of skincare, discounting how such is a critical part of the process of healthy beard growth. Because it serves as the base of your beard, your skin deserves thorough care as well. More so, while your beard is going to be the center of attention, it will not be captivating if your face is rough and dull. Therefore, take care of your skin and your beard will stand out more.


Wash your Beard Regularly

Like your skin or your hair, beard attracts dirt and pollution, which can have a negative impact on its health and appearance. With such, it is important to make sure that it is washed regularly. Aside from just using water, you should also use beard shampoo, which will help add life and fullness to your facial hair. A gentle conditioner may also prove to be helpful in keeping it soft. Aside from regular shampooing, it will also be important to rinse it properly as any residue can make the beard dry and flaky.


Get Rid of Dandruff 

Beard dandruff should never be ignored, especially because it can be humiliating. Dead skin flakes will be easily visible, especially if you have a long beard. In this case, there are different products that can prove to be effective, such as beard oil. You can also use a recommended beard shampoo to aid in eliminating dandruff in your facial hair. 


Fight Itchiness 

Aside from beard dandruff, it is also common for men to suffer from itchy beard. In this case, you can use beard oil or beard balm with ingredients that can reduce itchiness, such as in the case of safflower oil. Also, the use of a high-quality beard shampoo and regular moisturizing will also help to get rid of the occasional itchiness.


Shape it up 

After weeks of growing your beard, you will now have a canvas that can be used as a showcase of your style and personality. While shaping it up is something that you can do on your own, a visit to the barber can be an excellent idea. Barbers are aware of different beard styles that can be perfect for the shape of your face. Regular trimming is also highly recommended.


Invest on the Right Tools 

Another important thing in having healthy beard growth is to have the tools that you will need to trim and style your facial hair. Many would resort into the use of disposable razors because they are cheap. In reality, however, they will not do well in taking care of your beard. Aside from high-quality beard trimmers, you might also want to have a beard comb, beard brush, and small, high-quality scissors that will make it easy to take out nagging and flyaway hair.

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